Let’s start with the shit.

Wow… I started this all so well.. And this basically just shows how Bollocks this can be, because I pressed back and my whole fucking paragraph deleted.  So I’ll cut this down to the nitty gritty.  This is just my day to day life with Oscar and gingy and how shitty it can really be.

Lets begin with our pootine.

Our pootine is just an example of everything you weren’t forewarned about in parenthood, nobody tells you your going to discuss your baby’s pootine daily with the other half.. On his lunch break ‘yeah the cotton bud up his arse worked he finally shat and it stunk and was bright green’  but you get into a pootine, you expect them, once.. Maybe twice a day, around the same sorta time You expect aPOONAMI. If you haven’t yet had a baby a poonami is an explosion of shit. I’m talking shit up their back. Shit up their front. Shit on your fingers. Shit in your hair. Shit everywhere. Usually somewhere totally annoying, usual suspects being the carseat or bouncer because they’re a fuckingnightmare to wash and dry. Think game on ‘the cube’  removing and replacing carseat chair (eventually resorted to youtube). But you do come to expect it.. However today was a different ball game!  Every nappy today was a fucking poonami I’m talking 6+ shitty korma nappies.. 6?! GET A LOAD OF THAT ROUTINE ANDREA*  after the shock of the poonamis something amazing happened.

*routine Andrea is off my baby club, who truly has a routine for EVERYTHING. Every baby club has a routine Andrea.


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