Gingys night out means one thing and one thing only. Try not to self destruct

But of course.. When your other half goes out..your baby always wants to be an Arsehole. Oscar for example has had around 7 meltdowns… Is completely fighting his sleep and also adds a few poonamis into the mix,  in desperate hope not to turn into an alcoholic I decided to have a walk to sainsburys… In the rain to buy gingy.. hangover breakfast (yes I’m trying to be the housewife of his dreams) now I don’t know who I’m kidding pretending that I’m totally fine with him being out and getting rat arsed. But regardless I push all BABY FREE NIGHT AND LOTS OF ALCOHOL AND FUN TIME jealousy to the back of my mind and I spend £18 on breakfast shite. EIGHTEEN SMACKERS! THEY WANNA GET A BASTARD LIDL ROUND HERE.

Anyway… The only way I’m handling Oscars meltdowns is the thought that gingy said he’d probably be home by ten… Been out since 4pm…seems reasonable.. But if not HE WOULD LET ME KNOW(remember that gingy?) that he was staying out so me and oscar could settle for the night.

Que 10pm…no sign.. No text. As you can imagine.. After Oscars tantrums, (even in the fucking bath?! This kid loves the bath and he screamed like I was washing him with a friggin’ brillo pad)  the cat falling in Oscars dirty bath water… Sorry Dory… And no tea,  I went all the way to fuckbagging rip-off robbing sainsburys and forgot to actually get something to feed myself. I was… Pretty fucking mad. You know… Bury you under the patio sorta mad. (I blame hanger)

Next up.. Drunken texts and apologies, at NOW QUARTER TO 1 IN THE MORNING the last thing you want or need when your 11week old is FINALLY FUCKING SLEEPING is..’is the door looked . Xxxx’

This leads me to now.. Half one.. Stirring baby… Overly hot from getting wound up. Overly hungry for forgetting my own food. And overly awake from the Damn coffee and text messages. Writing on my fucking blog. who the fuck does this shit? 


Oh forgot to mention… Oscar also puked on me. 👍