THAT’S RIGHT,  Oscars had his over night overly full nappy done and we’re already downstairs before twelve.. RECORD!  I’m certainly not a mother who could get myself and Oscar ready before 10am…mothers who can do this are definitely superhuman,and I commend them. If I get a doctors appointment before twelve we have to do a serious ROUTINE beginning the night before. That’s right Andrea. I’m on your team when we have to leave the house before 12.

So anyway.. We get downstairs and Oscars put in his usual spot.. The playmat. The playmat is the PLACE TO BE in our house. Oscar spends a hellll of a lot of time on the playmat, does that make me a bad parent? I think not. Because Oscar gets spun hourly… Four different views. Occasionally I’ll even pull the playmat closer to the window or the stairs (if he’s on there I make car noises so it seems like I’m being fun and not just lazy) I’m considerate like that.

Quick flashback. 

Recently on Facebook advertisements I saw a really cute loungesuit, you know the big people baby grows, I loved it!  But really £25 for a big people baby grow with super cute ripped knees… I couldn’t-so what did I do.. I EBAYED THE SHIT OUT OF IT! And I found a cheap China shit replica for £3 and if I bought 2…60p off. Who am I to refuse a bargain like that.

Fast forward 

Oscars on the playmat.. Mommys watching toddlers and tiaras finishing off a variety box of biscuits. (I have a problem)  and I hear that delightful sound.. It’s my letterbox.. My cheap China shit has arrived. Woohooo! Firstly China have excelled thereselves with packaging. How they can get two big people babygrows in a package smaller and thinner than a birthday card is beyond me.. I can’t even get letter into an envelope without wripping it. So I make my way through my package which has been vacuum packed into around 7layers of cellophane. The first one… Is.. Bright green. (meant to be khaki)  made out of some kind of shiny lycra… I try it on.. I looked like a fat shiny elf. Well.. Waste not want not and all of that, I’m now being an elf for Christmas. Second one.. THE SECOND ONE… the second one is the reason I ebay shop. 2sizes to big… Yep… Shitty cotton material… Yep… Nowhere near the color I ordered… Yep.. But dya know what… It’ll pass for a loungesuit.. So I consider that. A BARGAIN.! 👏. PICTURES TO FOLLOW SOON. 😉