So in my last post you may have seen my little TEEKYTOT in his bear outfit, how cute right? WRONG. no… The poor little Baby when I’d got home had melted in a small mush in the leg of the bearsuit. Of course I’m joking but this is how another mother of the year decided to respond to my blog post. There was no ‘brill blog but..’  (the cheek of it.. Not even a little compliment)  it was straight to ‘BABY’S SHOULDN’T WEAR THICK COATS IN CARSEATS.’  That’s right. We’ve found a negative nelly,  and Facebook are littered with them. They make it hard to be a mom who doesn’t shout CUNT at my phone repeatedly. I’m not saying the negative nellys are giving the wrong advice.. No they’re definitely right.. Because they’ve 100% triple checked this advice with their health visitor, and cross checked it with netmums and baby center and got a YouTube video to back their point.  But it’s always totally unasked for advice, along with a sarcastic tone in their comments. Of course.. You’ve got to try be Reasonable replying because we know the power hungry admin (Hahahaha hayley) can’t wait to turf your ass out of the mom group, leaving me unable to get lots more views on these brilliant blogs (yeah I’ll give myself the compliment shall I negative nel!) then you get your defenders, the knights in shining mummy armour, who can’t wait to set negative nelly straight. You form a mum bond and work in alliance to kill negative nelly with facts. Or swear words. You choose.