Fifa 17= females ignored for another 17hours,years,decades?

There’s something about that stupid piece of shit game that makes me wanna go stamp on the Xbox, and the only reason i won’t is there’s a good chance my baby would become an orphan if I did, I’m talking Daddy’s going jail for killing mommy. (some Eminem lyric inspiration right there)

An hour on fifa usually turns into a whole evening *sigh*. ‘I’m just gonna have an hour babe’ ,  4 hours later… He hasn’t blinked or took a sip of his pop which is now flat and the cats casually licking it. . It generally means I’m going to be ignored and should I dare walk in front of the TV I will be shouted at. Our neighbours must think that gingy has developed tourettes, because all you can hear at top volume of my boyfriends voice is ‘how is that fucking fair?!’  ‘ref are you fucking joking’ ‘what a fucking dickhead ‘ occasionally I get bought into it…’ Beth come and watch this fucking dickhead’  to which I nod and don’t even avert my eyes from my biscuit which is now been dunked too long and there is a very real chance it’s gonna drop into my tea.

I can handle that bit of the game. You know the being ignored. The revolting mood he’s in once he’s  lost. Even the profanities shouted high pitched while I’m trying to relax and munch my way through my pack of Marylands ( while scrolling through insta baby models deciding whether or not they’re cute enough .Yes I am a judgemental bitch)

Here’s what I can’t handle,  finally getting my screaming, teething, raging offspring to sleep after an hour stand off, for him to be woken by twathead jumping off the settee, so his nose is nearly touching the tele and shouting ‘FUCKING GETTT Inn!!! ‘ I’m not kidding, iv visualised some really really nasty things happening to that xbox I really have.

And… Just a quicky – What the hell is with thinking the bastard borrowers have got in the house. Who also have suddenly developed tourettes .. Because all I can hear is lots of little voices which sound like hooligan borrowers coming from that stinking headset which is buried in the sofa.

To all the mothers, handling tea, cleaning a screaming demon child, and an overgrown man child who hasn’t moved off the sofa since his last half hour shit. I salute you. 😘