All the crap that comes on baby clothes . I needed to write about this because recently I’ve bought some clothes for oscar that quite honestly can go to HELL ! Picture this, we’re wondering round mothercare , we have 10/15 minutes before we’ve got to leave for swimming (drowning) and one of those lovely pixiefoto girls grabs us and says , “hey would you like a free photo shoot”  . . . Me being me. . . It’s free. Of course I do. She said it’ll be now as we have a cancellation . perfect , we have to leave for swimming soon. This is perfect . I asked if I could quickly get him changed. And that’s where it all went totally and utterly arse over tit SHIT.

I run and grab our newly purchased little shirt sort of outfit out of the car. We run to the changing area , whip off his clothes , which actually a bit of shit has seaped through his nappy onto (this is where the stress builds) I’m rushing . . There is shit on his clothes , which means it’s now also on my fingers, I’m trying my hardest to quicken up. We deal with the poonami , I go to pull all the press studs open on Oscars outfit and. . NO IT’S REAL FUCKING BUTTONS small fiddly Arsehole buttons the whole way down. Now I’m sorry but what complete and utter imbecile puts real buttons on babies clothes (there’s a special place in hell with your name on it! )  . It took me at least 15 minutes to button that thing up. Then I attempted a hat – which Oscar screamed the whole of mothercare down . Needless to say the pictures were shit and he was in an asshole mood for swimming ._20161101_122630

A few other things I need to comment on. River Island baby jeans . Are you taking the piss . . How am I meant to manipulate my babies rolls into those things. . I’ve felt softer bricks  .

Next . . Buttons on the backs of your clothes , is this your sneaky way of forcing tummy time? Because honestly it’s the only time we do it (I knoooow I should but he just pukes and crys )