Or should I say pasta points. . 😉. I can’t keep away from those carbs. . . This baby fat will never leave because I’m sorry. . I loveeee food. And this week all I’ve dreamt about is a big pasta bake. Covered in gooey cheese and yummyness .

Well. . . After a bit of a shit week. . . When I say abit I’m taking seriously shit , teething (why could his teeth not have formed in the womb, every other bone did.. And im not breastfeeding why could they not save me from this hell)  , sleep regression (it’s no joke, getting to sleeping through – seeing the light.. And your child deciding nahhh I want 4bottles through the night again biatch)  , my driving test being cancelled,  baby injections and every other bit of Bollocks this week could of thrown at me.

So on route home from a little (a lot. . A stupid silly lot)  of retail therapy , I’m talking a shit ton of fluffy slippers and plain babygrows ,we stopped at Co op for gingy to get tea (because we’re that couple that don’t follow the rules of a big shop)  Oscar screams blue murder for a bottle in the car because if the car stops… He’s a Damn diva (think snickers advert) – and you know what, I hate giving a bottle in the car, it tidlewaves up the bottle , he dribbles it all over his well thought out outfit choice (not the mismatched cack I chuck on him at home) but dya know what the tidlewave and the dribble beat that  racket. That the radio no longer drowns out the noise.

And gingy. . . Came out the co-op with a 4 cheese pasta bake ,  a pack of marylands (thankyou jesus)  a big pack of milkystars and a bottle of coke.  My prayers were answered. That’s why we’re making it to our anniversary this year. He knows foods the way to my heart. Annnnnd I’m sitting feet up. .watching Sam faires (dunno why I watch her and her all white outfits and perfectly blow dried asshole hair)  While he builds a mini chair I bought for Oscar that matches mine. (thankyou ikea and of course I did buy a ton of vanilla candles. Because. . . Who doesn’t? ) please see photos. . . And yes. . . Oscar did NEARLY fall. . . Supermum sorted it