Unfortunately for anyone expecting this to be a quick fix of losing baby weight. It’s not. . It’s not how you can get motivated to go Zumba (If you actually are already motivated to do this, did you need a cookie trail there?) or how you can cook low fat meals.. If you have the time and care to do this.. I salute you. Let me tell you how I’m losing weight. . . By washing and brushing my friggin’ hair.

I’ve never had much hair. . It’s always been thin and fairly short. When I got pregnant it grew and got thick and glossy and fabulous think your worth it advert swishing around (my only bonus with pregnancy honestly . )  anyway since Oscars turned 3 months. . I’ve lost my body weight twice over in HAIR. The bath plug. . You could make a wig out of. My hairbrush I can no longer see the plastic bits(hmm what are they called.. 🤔)  And quite frankly. . Every Damn crease and roll on my chunky monkey. . . He looks like he’s started puberty VERY early. Take that, mummys who’s babies are talking , walking , potty trained and a singing the alphabet at 3months. 👊

If this isn’t working for you (but I bet it is)  just move your scales onto the carpet. Lost another stone moving them scales onto the carpet 😉