This is coming up more and more recently and beginning to get on my tits . . Old ladies telling me WHEN to have my next one , and being told I’ll ‘change my mind ‘  (I’m not gonna change my mind if you keep telling me ill change my mind. I’m stubborn like that) 

THE magic number was always two, two babies , a three year gap, boy and a girl, mummy and daddy. Since having Oscar I’ve decided one is enough for me . one lot of stretch marks, one lot of stitches, just ONE.  I love the fact we’re a family of three. I love the idea that these are our only baby days. One lot of swimming lessons. One first birthday. And I cherish it all the more. Because there is only going to be one.


THE only child lonely child doesn’t wash with me,  just because your dealing with a toddler chucking spaghetti off his high chair and a baby keeping you up all hours of the night, please don’t bombard me with your sibling love stories. Don’t get me wrong. . I love large families , I love watching sibling bonds.i love that everyone can have however little or many as they want. But for me ONE IS PLENTY .and to be completely honest parents with more than one also get silly remarks ‘are you a glutton for punishment, don’t you have a TV?’ it’s just annoying.


Oscar has an aunty and uncle 1+4 and a cousin coming 6months younger than him. . And if that isn’t enough , there’s every chance he’ll be attending every class and club going. . Yep. . I’ll be a football mum . cold Sunday morning football mum. With baileys coffee in my flask. (not quiet the ballerina dream I had but you know..)  And do you know what? I can. . . Because I’ll have time with just my only lonely !

I don’t want a bigger car to fit an extra car chair. And I do want a bigger house. . . For a makeup room not a second nursery. You feel me ?

So please everyone in the world on the ‘when’s the next one then? ‘  interrogation , unless you plan to ruin your vag for me. . Or decide you want to deal with the spaghetti-sleep tag team for me. . Leave me be with my wee only lonely. 😘


P. S if at a later date I do have a second,  please know that it’s a suprise baby and humor me with amazing sibling stories