Date night when your a parent seems a little different in my opinion . No longer are you doing the quick text to a friend or a quick scroll through your Facebook before devouring a good old ‘cheeky nandos‘  . No. . You spend the whole date talking about the child you’ve finally managed to ditch.‘did you know he can hold his head more? He didn’t throw up during tummy time ? He hasn’t done a dirty nappy today.’

Tonight we planned on going cinema. We were late getting there after dropping Oscar at nannies. We decided on paying for the vip seats (who even are we?!) . . . The comfy sofa. . Where we would of undoubtedly napped for two hours and I’d be happy about it. Because quite honestly . . Baby free sleep. . Paid for or not is well worth it.

It was fully booked. . . What was our next plan. . THIS IS HOW I KNOW MY LIFE HAS CHANGED. we headed to the retail park. . . Mothercare for a sleep bag. DATENIGHT we went to fucking mothercare. In my little boots and red lippy. Then to try jazz it up a little we headed to pizza hut for a cookie pudding (if you know. . You know. . If you don’t YOU NEED TO TRY THAT SHIT)  well. . . It was full and half hour wait and a screaming baby infront of us (sorry NO!! NO NO NO I’ve finally left that noise… I’m not listening to another baby scream) . So here we are. Not talking . . Making the most of silence, a hot drink and a comfy sofa. Phwaaar .