Right this is literally just a list of things for you to share on your hubby/boyfriend /significant others wall (for them to totally ignore and not even like..)  of all the things that shouldn’t come out of their well rested mouths.

We all hear it. And it’s pissing us off. Happy wife Happy life guys!

“all you do is look after a baby”

Trust me.. We’ve also half arsed brushing our hair, thrown trainers in the shoe cupboard and ate a pot noodle.

“what have you done all day? ”

Cleaned up baby shit. Cat shit. Dog shit. And my shedding hair.

“I’m at work so I need more sleep”

Let’s swap?!

“I’ve had a hard day at work and you’ve been sat on your arse all day….”

Just fuck off with this comment. Honestly. Fuck off. 

“I’m ill you should be looking after me” ... even though I was ill as well

“You left me with BOTH kids for 2 hrs yesterday I’m exhausted… ”

I’ve had both kids every day for 4 months you dick

” your a lady of leisure ”

Yes its really leisurely being shat and puked on. I haven’t brushed my hair or painted my nails in four months, or had a shit in peace. 

” did you even clean the house today”

I babywiped the surfaces I could reach with the sleeping baby on my lap? So yes I did. 

Right let’s be clear. If you walk in to a house where we are all alive here… Trust me we did plenty today. And we won’t appreciate your stupid questions. DSC_2415.JPG