Is what the papers likely to read sooner or later. I mean as hopeful as I am that this won’t happen, I truly hope if it does, her names in the suicide letter, because this woman is chilling and holds no prisoners, she seems to have no empathy. Followed by a bunch of empty headed followers. She’s the kind who thinks she’s doing so much right, in actual fact, so wrong… A little bit ‘Hitler’ like..

I’m not one to write about serious things. In fact I’ll be honest right now, I’m poorly and super busy, however this needed to be discussed. I’ve no doubt after this has had a good read the group will ‘hit back’ change their name or go even more quiet. Perhaps they will make their entrance questions harder. Or maybe they will explain how wonderful they are for helping the world be perfect parents.. (PS.. Don’t bother!)

I’m talking about sanctihaven on Facebook. A group of moms who go by ‘science only’ when it comes to raising children. Who will openly mock/name call if you don’t do things their way. For example… You don’t breastfeed because of choice? SHIT MOM. Your child doesn’t rear face in the car? SHIT MOM. you child uses a dummy. SHIT MOM . early weaned (before 6months) SHIT MOM.  In fact it’s just the ultimate perfect parents. but in that ‘cult’ kind of way. The way they won’t answer the questions, they tag their ‘master’

Now me personally… I laugh… Don’t take any notice- but I know a lot of people who would really take these comments to heart. I know a lot of people who feel so guilt-ridden about not breastfeeding that being called a shit mom for it after would definitely raise feelings I’d worry about.

I’m not sure how the perfect parents can believe they are that… When realistically they just account for a bunch of Internet bullies. Take a look at these screenshots here of a mother who’s been kicked out of the group…

Behold… Screenshots.

Please share and get this about. I don’t want mothers. Especially new mothers… Thinking this is support. THIS IS BULLYING.