I’m back at work… Two days a week. It’s so hard, honestly I work ridiculously hard all day, thinking so lovingly of my little bundle at home..


OK.. I think that’s enough for my other half to be convinced that I work my Bollocks off and this article is boring so he won’t bother reading.  so in reality.. Two days a week off? OMG luxury! Hot tea? Adult conversations… And…. AND.... I can eat a full dinner plus yoghurt without so much as glaring eyes or little tea leaf fingers!!!

I know it’s wrong, I know I should miss being at home, looking after my little bundle of snot headbutts and sloppy kisses- but if I’m completely one hundred percent honest, it saves my sanity each week and that’s exactly what I need. After a week of rosy red cheeks, weetabix being squished into my new rug and being headbutted on the jaw every time I say no – that awkward client who makes orgasmic noises whilst having her hair washed is… Well… It’s totally fine. Totally. (still weird though Ann… Still weird)