I  haven’t forget the times we drunk shots til we puked, or the days we’d spend doing our makeup getting the perfect selfie. NEVER will I forget spending our Sunday mornings scoffing our faces on about last nights shenanigans (and boy oh boy was there). You backed my corner Big style against that highly strung makeup covered troll on my status.

BUT here’s the thing.. You were great for putting me to bed after a night out, but right now I needed a friend to let me sleep while you held my newborn. I needed a friend that could do my makeup, not for a club, just so I looked normal and not a mombie. Crazily enough I’d need you just to sit round and cry with me when the baby took its toll, when I couldn’t handle the night feeds any longer, rather than the old days and crying over an ex boyfriend – when sterilising bottles tipped me over the edge, rather than a tequila shot. But that’s the thing, when my life changed, yours stayed the same. You couldn’t see how my all nighters differed from yours. You didn’t notice how my baby was wearing every last penny of my maternity money, and that my weekends were now a Chinese takeaway and an early night.

And one day, when you have your own baby, I hope you have a friend who understands your all nighters and your tears,just like I needed you too.