It’s one that whizzes through my head on my evening bath… When my baby’s still not walking independently… When he’s refusing most meals that don’t have Nutella or yoghurt involved, when he hasn’t moved on to any new words except dada..

Does any of that make me a shit mom? Does the fact that my darling son, who I could cook from scratch 7 meals a day ;still prefers to just eat a weetabix or a dry toast;does that make me shit? Well… It makes you feel that way for sure!Especially when your mates kid eats 3 organic meals a day, enough veg to fill an allotment, every fruit under the sun and of course, plenty of plain water to wash it down.

Am I a shit mom because my son still can’t walk independently, or name animals or farm noises, he can’t sing and he still can’t say mom…. Does that make me shit… Because my friends child can sing the alphabet, name all the animals and noises (whilst munching his organic dinner with his own spoon)

Maybe he does still have a dummy. A comfort bottle. Maybe he does wake up six times a night. Perhaps we have co slept too long. I guess he shouldn’t have had McDonald’s chips.

But does annnnny of this make me a shit mom?

No… I’m bloody well not.. You know why? Because I’m trying. And a shit mom, wouldn’t try! A shit mom…. Wouldn’t give a shit about whether or not he’d eaten a vegetable. A shit mom wouldn’t feel guilt about the fact he went to bed on a weetabix rather than a home cooked roast. And a shit mom sure as hell wouldn’t spend the rest of her evening googling why her baby isn’t doing any of these things.

So next time you’re worried that your babies gone to sleep on 3 biscuits and a bottle of milk…..

Or the fact they’ve not started walking at 1

Or even that they’ve never said a word.

Guess what? Your still the best mom! IMG-20171012-WA0013.jpeg