I’m not sure what’s gone wrong? Was it the extra E numbers. Was it the fact we laughed when he hit our (not so favourite family member)in the face.  what was it?

Am I growing a mini murderer? Because here’s the thing… My loving cuddly ‘ahhh’ baby, is turning into this punching kicking and screaming toddler;and I’ll be honest, I haven’t a fucking clue what to do about it.

He hit me square in the nose, right in the middle of row row row your boat. It took me by suprise. It made my eyes water, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t tell you that for a miniscule second i thought about flicking him back in his little nose. (I didn’t guys… You don’t need to phone childline)

You know what’s worse though. I shouted. I told him off. I wasn’t happy. AND HE LAUGHED. HE FRIGGIN LAUGHED. I muttered to myself about how he was a mini arse hole that doesn’t appreciate all I do for him. He hadn’t got a clue, he was picking his nose and eating it.

Then (oh yeah there is more) .. he did it to my new mom friends baby, I’d literally jussssst made this friend (new mom friends are hard to come by don’t you know?!) . And he ruined it for us both. He pushed her toddler over. The embarrassment. The shame. And then……. I told him off. And he laughed. Never wanted the ground to swallow me more than then.

Guess what? Naughty step, with a 13month.impossible.

Praising good behaviour. Ignoring bad behaviour. I got another punch in the nose. (really hard to ignore).

Telling him off, making him sit in the cot, completely oblivious to the fact he was in their for anything other than a nap.

Perhaps I’ll channel his anger early. Perhaps I’m raising a little rocky balboa. Beats the idea that I can’t control my 13month old doesn’t it.