It’s a feeling of frustration and anger, being just a mom….i mean that in itself is an insult, but I’ll leave that for another time

Right now I’m focused on the fact that I’m seen as just a mom, just the one that gets your jacket potato done for when you get in from work.just the one who managed to nip down the post office and post your parcel today. Just a mom, who feeds our babies belly and puts him to bed at night.

What you forget is, before I was a mom, I was your lover, partner in crime, the one who used to laugh hysterically at your really unfunny jokes, or waltz round the kitchen in our jammies making super noodles. Date night used to be every night.a snog was part of the daily routine.

every night I’d make and effort. I’d always put my nice smelling moisturiser on, you’d always give me those get into bed eyes….. Now.. Now I’m lucky if you look up from your phone. Now I’m lucky to get a peck before bed. Now I’m just a mom who never has time for makeup, never has the money for a date night and never gets seen as much more than part of the furniture.

Can we go back to waltzing round the kitchen, snogging on the sofa, laughing nonestop and singing in the car to our fave Ed sheeran songs.

Let’s go back to the person I was before I was a mom..