It’s the most wonderful time of the year..

Visions of my toddler happily sitting on Santa’s knee (not allowed due to police checks now guys) , giggling and being given presents…

But just for a second can we all talk about the taking children under 18months to see santa?

I need to know what the deal is because quite frankly I feel I have no Santa etiquette whatsoever. I thought this year would be easier than last (Oscar was four months but we were the overly excited first Christmas family) ,but frankly.. It wasn’t.

We queue- we get ushered in by an elf, who honestly looked like she’d enjoyed the festivities far too much, I’m talking lots of baileys and lots of mince pies.  Santa asks a bunch of questions to my ‘none talking’ child…. I then have to.l ANSWER THE QUESTIONS – AS THE BABY?as me? I’m unsure. It’s awkward.


Santa : have you been a good boy this year?

Me: no, no you haven’t have you Oscar?


Santa :what do you want for Christmas then?

It’s already awkward

Me: a wooden spoon would be great wouldn’t it Oscar?


Seriously could you help me out a little 

Santa :can you find my magical elf

Me : is that a euphemism?

Gingy: not the place beth


OK we just need to get out of here now. 

Turns out the magical elf was on top of the camera, which in turn takes your family photo… I’ll let you take from the photo what you will,but I have a funny feeling that Santa’s not so welcome in our house just yet.

Feel free to post your funny santa photos in the comments. 19w0ty4rprozab4wgazfzbs5bp9az09ntfrwts0hhgq8yhl80x.jpeg