There.. I said it.

I often read across the board about how little Milly is excelling with her speech.

Baby Thomas is already potty trained.

It’s all very wonderful

And here I am sitting wondering what’s wrong with my kid who licking the dustbin lid. I put the effort in,but he doesn’t say words properly, he isn’t potty trained and hell, he can’t feed himself.

That’s what this world makes you do, it makes you question your child, question your parenting.. You might even start playing the blame game as to who’s fault it is.

But after sitting and really thinking about it, I couldn’t give a fuck if your child sings the alphabet and says his p’s and q’s… Know why?

We have fun-like real fun, we have baby discos in the bedroom, I shout his numbers at the top of my voice, we dance round to Katy Perry after bathtime and we have a tickle chase,and too me, that’s what my babies gonna remember.

For sure I want him to be up there with the rest of the kids, of course I get jealous when he’s not hitting targets, but my baby knows love and fun and funnily enough I don’t know an adult who doesn’t go to the toilet, feed themselves or talk..

So guess what, they all get there.that being said, I’m about to go play tickle chase and read a Story.. Because my target is that my baby laughs and is loved always.