My friend text me this week. She said “I think I’m a shit mom; I don’t do a lot with the kids, and I didn’t manage to get out, even though the little one wanted to. I just feel so shit… I could cry.”

Instantly, I burst into a fucking musical production of how amazing she was as a mother and a wife, how much she does without even realising, and that in anyone’s eyes but her own she was an INSPIRATIONAL MOM.

It’s easy isn’t it? It’s easy to tell someone else how brilliant and amazing they are… But ourselves? We never give ourselves a break.

We torture ourselves that we’ve not got out the house in three days, that the washing pile has built up, that our kid is not hitting milestones… We don’t eat healthy enough, the kids don’t eat enough, or they eat too much; we balance love and attention between the older child and the younger child. We stress that the house isn’t clean, that you’ve not managed to take the dog for his walk, that we ruined our diet (again!)

It’s endless… Absolutely endless.

But you know what we don’t do? We don’t give ourselves credit for what we did get done. We don’t allow ourselves that bit of “us” time, minus the guilt… And that’s what we need to do.

Hey- you kept two kids alive and fed, you did a load of washing, and you brushed your teeth… that’s amazing! Allow yourself to be pleased, to relax, and to enjoy your time; enjoy your baby… After all, they’re not little forever.

The vacuuming can wait; go watch a Disney film instead, and grab a takeaway! After all… You deserve it!

Keep going mamas. I know it’s like groundhog day, I know it’s really tough, and I know you’re fed up of repeating yourselves… but you’re doing just fab!