For some time now, we’ve been finger fed information through health visitors, doctors, nursery about things to be concerned about. You know.. Just little tests to make sure our 12month old can walk…. Just a little check to make sure your 18month old can string together a sentence.. Just a little chat to ensure that you’ve not noticed any SIGNS in your child.


Infact.. So far I’ve worried about these milestones, these little quirks that my boy has, to the point every single itty bitty tiptoe walk me and gingy shoot eye contact with each other and go ‘did you see that… Did you see?’

We miss every amazing moment and only see these scary things that have been drilled into us by every professional… The second he begins lining up his cars and counting, rather than be amazed by his motor skills and his intellect.. We’re worried because he’s ticking another box.

Youtubing videos in bed worried that something could be WRONG with our boy.

But you know today.. It hit me.. WHAT’S WRONG WITH AUTISTIC CHILDREN? absolutely fuck all… Are those children any less happy? Any less loved? And in the grand scheme of things…. Does it really matter that much? Does it matter so much so that we should miss all these wonderful moments… To worry.

No…autism isn’t a deadly disease. Autism isn’t going to ruin every minute of every day, not unless you let it.And quite frankly, i don’t know if my boys on the spectrum, but whether he is or whether he’s not, I’m not about to miss another wonderful moment, worrying about it.

My Boy is perfect,just like every other child in this universe.