That’s what you can call me… Girl I might not know a minky from a normal 29p sponge from wilkos but let me tell you…. I cleaned my house tonight, I’m not talking a deep clean.. I’m not even talking a full hoover and polish clean. I’m talking… I put all my shit away.. Emptied a bin and zoflora’d the sides and whacked some smelly candles on (you know.. So that it smells like i cleaned better than I ACTUALLY did)

Mamas let’s be honest, some of us, we work hard.. We have a kid.. Or two.. Or six, we’re juggling the 3 different meals cooked on an evening AND DESSERTS.We have a part time job too.. And pets.. And laundry.. And sodding kids birthday parties every weekend.

So if your house isn’t grey… Prestine.. And picture worthy… And you baby wipe your sides instead of a minky DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT. you ain’t HINCHED it.. You’ve Dempsey’d it. But that’s OK, you know why? Because I can guarantee it’s still liveable… And you’ve had a lot more fun making it messy.