I needed to write something to make me feel better about the fat mother I’ve become.

I got thinking about how I used to be the pretty girl in a club in a slinky catsuit, strutting around, all eyes on me.

Now I wouldn’t get a second look unless it was one of those slinky girls telling me my primark label was sticking out.

Let’s face it, when you become a mother you change, I’ve gained weight-Infact I’ve put on the same stone I’ve lost and gained for two years. I don’t wear my hair extensions any more… Realistically I struggle to have the time to brush my hair, and my makeup definitely doesn’t get the time allocated in the morning as it used too and the fact I’m still wearing part of my maternity clothes is by the by.

But do you know who’s happier? It’s me now, not slinky catsuit me… Slinky catsuit me was out trying to find the man of my dreams so I could come home and be mama me.. Back then I was coming home to a cold bed waking up half dizzy and unfulfilled.. Now I wake up to a ginger fuzzy bloke next to me who I have to convince to let the dog out.. But you know, its love all the same.

Now when I wake up and go into my

toddler in the morning who’s missed me so much he squeezes my face and screams mommmmmmy…

Let’s be real, my photos don’t look the same, I didn’t have six hours to get ready for one photo, my chins show and the majority of the time I choose the photo my kid looks the cutest, but that’s just what being a mama is about.

So all I’m trying to tell you is, when you see that mama with just her concealer on her bags, the same joggers she had in her last photo and smiling rather than pouting trust me.. She’s happier, happier than she ever was at 9 stone in her slinky outfits.. I promise.