I tried really hard today

Hey baby, I tried really hard today,

I googled a good recipe off all the things you like to be baked into a pancake. You threw it on the floor.

I tried really hard today my baby, to plan a day that was easy for you,naps and playdates

You refused your naps and cried through your playdate. We had to leave.

I tried really hard today, we had to nip to buy you the next size clothes-I downloaded your favorite film on the ipad and bought loads of snacks.

You lost your temper about being in the pushchair, you threw your snacks on the floor of the shop, everyone was staring. We didn’t manage to get your new clothes.

Oh my baby, I tried really hard today.. I tried so hard to refrain from tears as I tried to bath you –

You didn’t want to be bathed, but you needed too and that’s a mamas job.

Baby.. I’ll try hard again tomorrow. I’ll try hard again the next day. And the day after that. Because honestly if we get one day where you go to bed and you say night mommy love you. Then me trying hard is really worth it.

If one day you eat your food and say, that’s delicious. It was worth it.

If one day you pick out one of your new tshirts as your favorite. It was worth it.

And to see your smiley face when you go on a playdate.. IT WAS WORTH IT.

I tried really hard today my baby.

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