I know that now you spend your days with baby shark re-running through your head, or your toddlers fave nursery rhyme from a shitty YouTube video.

I know you spend an extra hour at night tidying toys away into kallax boxes and sorting that ‘multi-colored outfit’ for rainbow day at nursery and that you more than likely have a little (or quite big ugly) cry in the bath about some things you felt you handled badly.

But don’t forget who you were before,WHO WAS YOU?Beyonce dancing in your bedroom mirror.

Putting on a skimpy outfit and prancing round clubs til 4am.

Perhaps you were that gym bunny,rocking your 6 pack and really working on that physique.(TO CLARIFY I WAS DEFINITELY NOT THIS GIRL)

Or just that girl who spent her time blogging in a coffee shop with her earphones in,(Little more this one but swap coffee shop for Macdonald’s)

Things change so drastically once these small people come along that you almost ALMOST forget that you were ever that person (we can thank timehop for the reminder that we didn’t always wear giant pants and maternity leggings)

So ladies..make sure you don’t forget yourself,I know that rainbow outfit is important but it’s just as important for you to have a boogie in the mirror,to take that babysitter for a night and let you hair down or to leave the little one with the other half whilst you work your ass off at the gym,whatever reminds you of EXACTLY who you are.

Dye your hair that funky color.pop them fishnets on.balls to it ,just because you’re a mom doesnt mean you don’t have to be YOU aswell.