Happy 1 week to my second child.

Heres some things I’ve learnt second time round,

Leaving hospital with gas and air for your post baby poop is a must, steal a bottle if you can, shit if you can make friends with the anethatist to pop you an epidural for the occasional BY ALL means do so!

Touch your damn toes, if youve torn, been cut or just you know.. Stretched your vag to push a baby out, if you’re not touching your toes for pee time then i imagine the little squeals from the bathroom sound like a piglet. No shame.. Touch them toes when you pee.

They can wait. Second babies.. Learn to wait. With my first, he only needed to wimper and god i was hushing, rocking on my hip and singing nursery rhymes- now… You better believe im getting my load of washing and the steriliser sorted before i sit my ass down for a feed because inevitablely once your down for a feed, you’re also down for a bum change, some more feed.. Another bum change, some winding and a mini human to throw up on you.im getting a load of washing in first kid.

Damn.. The guilts real, dont want toddler to think I love baby more.. Don’t want baby to not get same attention as toddler. Am I posting too many photos of the baby?

Still havent mastered how to get a moderately warm drink with a baby, dont think their are any hacks for this- and cereal for tea at 9pm is fine.. Just fine.

Happy one week Eden, it’s gonna be a fun ride.