A post dedicated entirely to pass the parcel, or do we call it the ticking time bomb of doom and gloom?the parcel of dissapointment and dispair.First timers worst nightmare, is there anything physically fucking worse than passing a present between about 10 kids and telling them they cant open it, telling them they have to share, and then having the audacity for them to watch their friend open it and win some fun friggin’ whistle lolly and STILL tell them they can’t open it and they have to pass it on. Feel like the adult equivalent would be like, pass the ben and jerrys.. But dont lick the spoon… Or pass the vodka but dont take a swig.. U know?! And its awkward because even though you know the rules, and that you have to pass it on, you also know that the music minder (the one who chooses your fate with pass the parcel) is enjoying watching you squirm passing that parcel on and making sure the music don’t stop. It wouldn’t be pass the parcel if you didnt hold on to it for dear life whilst kicking your legs and screaming ‘but i want to win’ and then finally, when they do win, its a lolipop and… I feel a certain way about lollipops, so now ive gotta bribe this lolipop away, my kid FINALLY… FUCKING WON at the pass the puff game and now im gonna have to take his winnings.why… Why is this part of partys any more? Arent we past it? Its painful for everyone involved. Feel like i need a just giving page right now- im a total victim of pass the parcel.