Days at home, whether you’re a stay at home parent, on maternity leave or just trying to clamber through the half term can be a little bit.. Well.. Alot bit difficult! Whether you have one kid, three kids or even six- its difficult and ill never take it away from a parent of 1 to a parent of 6!no matter what you try to do, your carefully made plans to entertain will go to shit, someone from your tribe will try hard to take you down, tip you over the edge, and send you to the nut house. Be it just not putting shoes on, or a poonami as you’re about to walk out the door, i know you think that these bodily functions are not an attempt to ruin your day but trust me.. Its just the start of wearing you down. Then its just the simple REPETITION.. ‘put your shoes on please,’.. AND AGAIN ‘RIGHT COME ON NOW, time to put your shoes on’ and last but not least ‘IF YOU FONT PUT YOUR SHOES ON RIGHT NOW.. SANTAS NOT COMING!! ‘ and this is alllllll before you’ve attempted to leave the house, if you add a few more kids into the mix, you know child 1 who wont but their shoes on. Child 2 who just shat through their clothes and child 3 whos just doing a small annoying whinge you can see how quickly these small tribes of mini Humans can turn you into shouty mama..all before lunch time (not that you get one of those) . Now if like me, you generally manage to hold it together (when i say hold it together – i mean you dont scream swear words at the top of your voice, then take yourself off to eat ben and jerrys in the bathroom which FYI is also absolutely fucking allowed) then you can guarantee that when the other half of your tag team walks in from work, football, the pub, wherever.. Then they are about to meet shouty mom! Now to them, they see maybe 15, 20 mins of the behaviour of your little womb raiders – so theyre still in calm, mainly collected and rested parent mode (the mode you hit around 7.30am after breakfast) so they wont and cant possibly understand the screaming banshee you have become – it almost becomes too absurd to them that your screaming simple orders “JUST GO TO SLEEEEEEEEEP!!! ” but trust me when i tell you this, we screamy shouty mamas are normal, it’s allowed and its totally fine.. All it means is you need a break! Tag the other half in an get yourself a coffee in a Thermal cup, take a walk, maybe drive yourself to the nearest drive thru! Cos lord knows theres no time for a drink or food between screaming babies, argumentative children and the bodily fluids of the day. For tomorrow, the battle begins again.