I was so scared of having a second child, I’d heard so much about jumping from one to two, bridging the gap, how hard it is to juggle your time. How the second child is ‘the devil(i know there is still time.. But humor me) and its true too an extent;it Is a little difficult, mom guilt is real and i feel like i had been thoroughly prepared for it to be SO hard adapt. What i wasnt prepared for was how much I’d enjoy it, How i look at Eden my beautiful second baby and see so much of my first baby oscar, how it brings back all those lovely firsts but without the panic of ‘am i doing it right?’ im a weathered mom now- im not too scared about the temperature of a bottle, I’m not panicking that she throws up a little after her milk or that I’m holding her too much, its all the fun without the first time worries. THOSE NIGHT FEEDS.. Sure they’re bad, but im used to it even if it was 3 years ago that i last did them, its not a shock to the system like it was first time around, and theres something really settling doing night feeds knowing its the last time you’ll be doing them-I’ll go as far as to say you enjoy them so much more, because they’re your last. (or hopefully.. I mean i think gingy should get the snip to be fair, either that or I’m becoming a nun). BUT everyone telling me how tough it was, how hard they found it, no matter how well wishing they were, ruined the last part of my pregnancy, i cried alot about how i was about to ruin mine and my first borns bond and how i was about to really struggle with both my children, and i wish so deeply i could go back 3 months and tell myself how magical things would be, how perfect it is having two children and yes its difficult and man do i cry alot but wow its lovely!So if you see an expectant mother with her older child, please dont scare her.. Let her know shes about to experience something truly magical ✨