Shes so down to earth, and glam with a little glow on her cheeks but always got it together. Stacey Solomon my fave person on the Internet at the moment, so happy and NORMAL and funny and really everything I could aspire to be? Ass licking? Perhaps I am a little.. But thats exactly what I think when I see her instagram account – the perfect life of a normal person. Except what normal person has someone taking all these PERFECT family photos? Hmm. Then we have her bestie.. Mrs Hinch, famous for her beautiful instagram house, blonde lushious locks that are always beautiful and a very happy baby..Next up lucy jessica carter, EFFORTLESSLY raising her boys and also being radiant with her girl twin pregnancy,Im not knocking them- because man do these women work hard to keep appearances up. Infact, I bloody love having a gander at their pages. The problem here lies with me and the fact I believe I too should be living the same.But here I am, scrolling scrolling scrolling, on 4 hours sleep, trying to beach wave my hair and put highlighter on- toddler screaming that the dogs licked his breakfast, my washing pile that is now not a pile BUT A MOUNTAIN. Last nights dishes to still be washed. A baby that hasn’t stopped crying and has already shit through two outfits, listening to the seriously soul sucking hold music of HMRC just trying to get my 140 quid maternity money… But I’m here, beach waving, trying to take the most naturally beautiful picture of us, of me, of my baby. But its not actually natural at all.Infact, the number one person, the person I’ve wrote about first, who I ultimately am aspiring to be.. Is the one who I consider NORMAL because she shows off her belly rolls, and puts videos in her story sorting her washing piles out. So why am I running around trying to be every single thing that all these strangers on the Internet are? My house isnt clean and tidy. I’ve not lost my baby weight. Im failing at my diet. I’m running on no sleep.My baby is definitely not the most content and I make turkey dinosaurs for tea way more than I’d like to admit too. But, we’re happy. Completely happy. And an Instagram picture with a super cute quote and an orange hue filter won’t change it.