I know i usually write funny bits and bobs but this one really got me I’m afraid. So here comes a rant.

I’m in a baby group online, these girls have got me through the toughest times and we’ve grown over our pregnancies and the years (we all now have 3 year olds. Hoooorah!)

Now something has come to my attention that honestly has PISSED. ME. OFF.

The majority of the groups children have started nursery preschool.

Now one mom has recently mentioned that her daughter was the only one in the class who wasnt invited to a party. Must be an error I thought. Nobody, especially a parent would invite a whole class bar one child surely. The mom checked. It wasn’t an error! fortunately the child had no idea.NOW this week the same child is again THE ONLY CHILD that hasn’t been invited to a party. And honestly, I’m disgusted. This time, she knows and she’s very upset that all her little friends are going to a party and she’s not.

I really thought that it must simply be an error, that surely parents wouldn’t be this harsh, we all know it’s a number game with parties, and perhaps you can only have 10… But if there is 11 in the class please god.. Dont exclude one child.. Its so horrible and thoughtless and I never want a child to go through exclusion or a parent to have to explain that to a child!!

I then went to the comments to read that another child had been treated the same, as hes non verbal and wears a protecrive helmet.

As parents we need to show children about inclusion and honestly.. Im heartbroken that people think its acceptable to exclude a child that by the way.. Isnt at all naughty or mean.. Or wild.shes just quiet.. And shy.

So.. If this gets to you.. And you’re the one who purposely excluded a child. Hear me now

You. Are. A. Cunt.

And if you dont want to be a cunt, please ask for a list from the teachers of all the children in the class.