Some days, you’ve just gotta succumb to the fact that you’re gonna lose.

That the kids won’t have a bath

That they’re not gonna eat the tea you make them.

That they will continue to scream unless you hold them

That the diet will have to start again tomorrow.

That the washing up will wait until tomorrow.

That the laundry will wait until tomorrow.

That is ok that you got to 12 o clock before even brushing your teeth.

That you shouldn’t have paw patrol repeats on all day.

That you’ve been too hard on yourself

That you’ve been too hard on everyone else.

The days are long, but the years are short.

And boyyyyy are they long. But damn are they short .

So stuff the diet!

Stuff the baths!

stuff the laundry!

Stuff the bloody educational game!

Stuff anything that isnt ESSENTIAL to keeping a calm and happy house.

For all that matters is happiness, heath and SANITY. And a jolly good curry, paw patrol reruns and a baby sleeping in your arms should do the trick