Its coming up girls and boys.. The time when we all rush to the shops to get a massive discount that in actual fact isn’t really discounted at all, and has been the same price for 6 weeks but now it has a bright red massive reduction sticker and I FUCKING WANT IT!

fancy coffee machine £400 down to £43.99..yes please.

River island jumper thats sat in every sale for 6 years £22.99 helllll yes.

5p off if you spent 5gazzilion quid in currys, UH HUHHH HONEY. Get in my basket!

Buy one item get 742 free, on WISH APP. (Standard delivery only 4 Christmas days away.)

And last but finally not least, we are gonna spend allllllll of our money on kids christmas toys, GET THAT PAW PATROL TOWER, STOCK THOSE BASKETS HIGH OF LOL DOLLS, DONT DECIDE BETWEEN WHICH RYANS WORLD TOY YOU WANT- GET THEM ALLLLLLL!!!

after all, its black friday. And it’s not like we’ll see another sale on boxing day or anything…..

But whatever you do.DO NOT wrap ur shit ’til Christmas eve ’cause i can almost guarantee that your kids gonna suddenly come out with something along these lines

‘ mommy i reaaaaaaally want fireman sam’

‘aw really Oscar, you didn’t mention that to santa, you told santa you wanted Paw patrol- the paw patrol tower, the paw patrol jet, the mighty pups.. All the mighty pup vehicles..all the paw patrol family including distant relatives and the paw patrols in different stupid fucking outfits such as police pups and super pups and holiday pups and pups who wear suits to court and pups who go out at the weekend… To be exact ‘

‘no mommy, i don’t like paw patrol , i like fireman Sam paw patrol is *blows raspberry *’