I was thinking this morning, whilst looking in the mirror at my excess saggy skin and my stretch mark belly, Just how much support there is for us moms and all our gifts from birth.

I only have to post a picture of my tummy to get remarks like :

How I ‘earnt my Tiger stripes’

How my chunky belly and spaniel ear boobs are a comfort to my babies,

How my saggy loose skin was once a home for my children.

All of course,is absolutely true, no doubt – and i feel so great hearing those kind of comments, uplift uplift uplift.There is so much support of that, so many people to tell you how wonderful those tiger marks are.

Big baby bumps are praised and expectent mothers are told how amazing it is to have a big ol’ bump.

But what about the bounceback moms? What about the moms who don’t get a stretchmark, the moms who’s bumps never really show, the ones who are back in their size 6 jeans the day after the baby comes.

The ones who have their makeup on when the visitors come.. On their first picture with their new baby..

Are they any less of a mother? Yet time and time again on threads on moms pages, people are so so quick to rise up the mothers with the extra weight, the saggy skin

But never the mom who shows almost no sign of giving birth? Do we not think they need it? Are they an ‘inferior’ mother because they dont have TIGER STRIPES or they look ok because they’ve got a bit of slap on their face?

This is for you, bounceback mamas – your body is still perfect to your little bambino, you’re still an amazingly strong woman after giving birth – with or without makeup on, and you dont need ‘tiger stripes’ to be a “proper mom”

We see you. You need support too. Just like me and my saggy skin, just like the next girl with her stretch marks.