Not only the girl sat behind the desk, the one making the phonecall to tell you too come urgently, the one sat in floods of tears hearing the emergency buzzer being pulled. I’m the one on the phone to the hospice begging them to take your relative earlier. I’m the one who’s doing all possible for the xray team to fit you in before they leave for the weekend.

I’m hand delivering referrals to consultants in hope that they will come quicker for you.

Behind the desk I hear the doctor’s chats,I hear their concerns and I hear them on the phone asking relative’s to pick their children up again again because they need to stay late for poorly patients.

I see angry patients yelling at nurses who haven’t had a chance to even have a wee nevermind any food.The same nurses who spend their remaining hours looking after their patients to the absolute BEST of their abilitys.the same nurses who’ve covered shifts on sister wards just so they’re not understaffed.

I watch the emergency crews come in over and over again.

I watch people call the health care assistants ARSE WIPERS the same health care assistants who hold your hand during chemo,who hold you up so you can get to the Tele room,the same healthcare assistants who run backwards and forwards more times than you can count to get chemotherapy and drugs ready for the patients.

I see the ward manager greeting patients with a cuddle from years and years before.She remembers them.she remembers them all.Because every patient matters.

This is for you.For the ward staff.For the nurses.For the HCAs.For just the receptionist.just the porter.just the physio. I see you. We wouldn’t be here without you.wonderful NHS staff.