Ok I recently posted for the bounceback mamas. But this one is for the saggy skin, the droopy boobs, the cellulite legs.

Huns.. Hear me now! We all look in the mirror and think back to a time when our nipples faced the mirror and not the floor. When high-waisted clothes were for fashion and not to hold in all the rolls. Before fad diets and drinking soooo much water but not having the time to piss it out. We all do.. Heres what they dont tell you?

Nobody.Gives.a.FUCK. Except.YOU!

I can GUARANTEE that nobody at your works Christmas do, cares about the extra stone you’re carrying. Nobody except you.

I’m absolutely POSITIVE that the only person your saggy skin repulses… Is yourself.

Droopy boobs? Do you think the school moms at the gate give a damn, or are they rocking them too?!

Would your hubby prefer a well dieted size 8 mama in lowrise jeans or the one whos snuggles in her jammie bottoms with pizza on the sofa – and cracks open a bottle of wine?

You know how you avoided swimming with the baby because your stripey bum, legs, belly? Nobodys looking, nobody cares, we care about the happy baby bobbin’ along with you.

You don’t have to love your saggy skin. You dont have to adore the tiger stripes. Or even the droopy boobs. As long as you’re happy in you’re body, nobody really minds. The only thing other people are reallly looking for is a smile on your face. The rest… Is simply not that important so long as it functions.

Its cliché but your saggy skin was once a home for your babies. And isn’t that a blessing.