I’m not perfect, i say whilst looking in the mirror.

My knickers are older than my children.

My jeans are a size too small or maternity.

I wear big hoodies to cover the muffin top.

I wear my boyfriends t-shirt to bed because it’s comfier than my too small pajamas.

I’m not perfect i say,

Looking at the mountain of washing that’s accumulated.

Looking at the half finished painting in the littles ones room.

Looking at the bathroom sink with the toothpaste marks in it.

Im not perfect i say,

As i whip up another oven meal,

Or a happy meal

Or not enough veg.

Im not perfect i say,

Forgetting to take the class project in.

Not reading our second book for homework

Not giving a bath every night.

Im not perfect i say

Tucking a little boy up tight into bed,

Reading a story

Kissing him on his forehead

Telling him i love him.

Then comes that little voice from deep within the duvet..

“you ARE perfect mommy.”

Never forget the little ears that listen, you too them are perfect. And that’s all that matters!