To my difficult baby,

My darling daughter, the strong minded, stubborn, baby girl.

My girl I’m so sorry that i talk about you to everyone, usually not about your big blue eyes.. Not about your adorable little quirks.. But usually in pure word vomit style about how difficult i find it being your mom, and i feel so so guilty saying that; because you are a dream, your strong mind is going to make you the powerful woman that i plan to raise! Your fierce heart is going to love so deeply, and those beautiful blue eyes are going to help you see so many beautiful things the world has to offer you.You already hold so many qualities that you’re gonna need to conquer this world.

I’m so quick to tell everyone how you’re not sleeping, how you know exactly what you want and scream and cry when you don’t get it. I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting.. You’re my daughter after all.

So the point of this post is simple… Its to appreciate you my little number two, (take that as you like 😂)

You have the cutest laugh-you’re determined and beautiful and thats not even the half of it, we’re learning more about you each and every step of the way and I’m so so proud to be your mommy! Even if we have nicknamed you screamer.

We love you my little Eden Summer. You’re a whirlwind thats for sure, and you’re probably going to keep us on our toes until we’re in our grave.. But we wouldnt change you.. Not one bit, well.. Perhaps one thing.. Longer sleeps my girly and you will be perfect.

Though she be little, she be fierce.