Then you got bigger

It started so simple but so extraordinary all at the same time, the tiniest legs kicking hard- eyes following me round the room and smiles that were so pure and innocent .Crys for cuddles when you were tired or hungry.

I carried you round in my arms so small.

Then you got bigger, those chunky thighs began to climb right against the sofa, that innocent little face began to giggle uncontrollably, you devoured cheesy wotsits and uttered small words.

I’d hold your hand as you took those wobbly steps.

And then you got bigger, those words began to shout, your heart grew too, you ran instead of your old man waddle, and you kicked that ball like a pro, the cuddles turned in to squeezes and the giggles huge laughs.

And then you got bigger, you picked your school bag, you ran to the gate, screamed and waved bye as you went in so bloody big,

Its hard not to miss those kicking thighs, and baby giggles but you got bigger.. And you’re going to keep getting bigger and all i can do is ride the waves of cuddles, hugs, squeezes and pray they never stop.

Published by The Dempsey diaries

Just a mother, telling you of my shit stories, trying too hard to make you laugh.

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