I know this announcement has hit people hard.. In fact i think people even who haven’t struggled with their mental health find this a massive struggle,

So I’m here to say that WE ARE going to get through this.

It’s gonna be tough, really REALLY tough.

But if anything is for certain it’s that we need to get through to the other side –
We need to get through to a time when we can hug our loved ones.
A time when we find a mask in a pocket and think “oh my god that was a CRAZZZY time”.
A time when we can all meet at the beach and have massive reunions..
When we can celebrate all these lockdown birthdays that have been missed.

We’ve gotta make it through,
Drop off the pressure-
Knock off the dry January,
Ditch the bloody diet.

We JUST need to make it through. ❤️