As much as I feel I need to warn, tell the truths and basically word vomit everything I know about parenting to every preggo I know.

There is one thing that will never change,
Parenting is 100000% on the job training.

There really isn’t a manual, a blog, a post or even a blabbermouth mom friend like me, that can TRULY prepare you for what’s coming.

In some ways its magical, in other ways damn right frightening.. But if truth be told- we all make it through.
We have to find our own style,co-sleeping, bottle feeding, baby-led, put our own boundaries in place and our own MAMA STAMP – Sometimes we find ourselves a little lost in it all, but that’s what parenting is, an adventure.

And there is no greater adventure!
(✨no comparisons to you’re backpacking trip pleaaaaaaase that make me look a twat✨)

So whilst listening to the advice, hearing the stories and asking the questions.. Just remember you’re about to embark on your own adventure.
And whatever you do, don’t worry… This is YOUR BABY.