Hey YOU!
Yeah you, sippin’ your wine, giving yourself a hard time about how your days been.

I need you to stop that. parenting is REALLY hard.
Being a working parent is INCREDIBLY HARD.
being a stay at home parent is BLOODY TOUGH.
Home schooling and working from home is just…. Words CAN’T describe it.

And doing that in a global pandemic whilst being LOCKED DOWN.
Its indescribable.

So please for the love of wine, don’t beat yourself up, even in the most normal of normal circumstances it’s rare you’re able to give 100% of yourself to your children or your job.
Then on top of that you’re asked to do them at the same time, without dropping a beat.
They’re asking you to give 200% when you only have 100 to give.

Not only that but you’re being asked that in January..on your Christmas come down.
On your new diet.
When you can’t just open your doors and chuck your kids in the garden.
To cram a work set up in your home.

When the world makes you feel like SCREENTIME IS BAD.

But your boss still wants the figures and the work.

But your children need help.

And you’re torn in half.
Emotions are running high with everyone and it’s just way way too much.

Spending your evenings wondering if you did enough.
Feeling bad that you made the wrong choices.
Thinking maybe you shouted to much.
Maybe you felt you didn’t engage enough.
You’ve gotta let yourself see that it’s not possible.
You’ve gotta let yourself drop the beat.
Drop the full timetable.
Drop a few calls.
Curb a few things.
Don’t worry about the extra snacks.
Don’t panic about the screen time.
Take the time out for a film.
Ditch the diet.

It’s ok, it’s gonna be fine.
But you can’t do it all.