I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking BETH there’s literally 1000’s of mom bloggers.

What makes YOU any different?
And I’ll be honest, there’s not much, if any at all (maybe farting on the Osteopath?) that pulls me apart from the rest.

And whilst I’d love to say that my mission was to be DIFFERENT from the rest. It’s not! It’s actually to prove that us mom’s we just have a bloody lot in common. That whilst we’re all different in our motherhood “techniques”, breast or bottle, co-sleeping or cot, baby led or Ella’s kitchen, we’re all stumbling on the same issues.

We all have the sleep regressions, the none-eaters, the teething problems, the husband who doesn’t rinse his weetabix bowl, the washing pile that rivals killamanjaro, the “who works harder” arguments.

So us mom bloggers, we’re all abit the same.. I mean you get the odd one who erm *cough* bends the truth to make you believe motherhood is sparkly wonderful, but that’s not me. And that’s not us!

Us mom bloggers, we’re here to remind you of the normal, the real, the absolute TRUTH of motherhood.