Today I’ve had to take a step back and have a little think about how i talk to myself,I was busy killing myself this evening over how scruffy my house is.Put my ‘once’ comfy jammie bottoms on, only too realise they’re cutting into me so much from all the weight I’ve gained-i looked at myself disgusted in the mirror and thought about how I’ve let myself go and how embarrassed of myself i should be that my standards with the house, my diet and everything else had slipped.And then i thought…If a friend told me their house was a tip, that their jammie bottoms were too tight and that they’re embarrassed…what would i say?And this is EXACTLY WHAT I’D SAY”Its a freakin’ pandemic – we’ve spent an entire year now with uncertainty, with no other pleasure than a good old takeaway,It really is fine to let things go, to relax, because it’s much better to relax than too put an uncomfortable amount of pressure on yourself.”I’d have probably sent my friend a new comfy set and told her that she still looked like a hot peice of ass.So why am i giving myself a hard time…. Why am i my harshest critic?I have no idea. But it needs to stop! Time to order some new jammies. 💜