Pooper scooper

Picture the scene, a lovely bath plenty of multi coloured plastic shit floating about -little pink chair,fluffy towel and creams all ready and waiting for a clean little snug baby girl.

I got her in,she splish splashed,all was going well…
I got a smidge preoccupied with a Bailey Sarian video that had popped up.
But I thought hey it’s fine as I sat next to the bath letting baby girl play….
I’ll get her all washed and out after this video.

I looked up and noticed a toy I’d not seen before floating round the bath…..

Baby girl was giggling trying to catch it,what a cutie…and that’s when it hit me….it wasn’t a toy, IT WAS A SHIT.

As she lifted herself out the seat to try catch the floater about 10 more floaters made their way to the surface OH MY FUCKING GOD!!

YOU KNOW …..two kids and this is a first for me.
Immediately I started using the hair washing cup to try and fish poops to the toilet – cat speed.

I had to shout for backup as I had visions of baby girl catching the poops and eating them whilst I was fishing ..my man in shining armour came and fished the poops whilst I dried our little dirtbag off.

So this is a warning to the parents…don’t take your eyes off the baby for a SECOND you never know when they could be shelling poops like miniature bath bombs

Published by The Dempsey diaries

Just a mother, telling you of my shit stories, trying too hard to make you laugh.

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