Yesterday i spoke to a mom friend from work, I’ve not seen her in 2 years due to both our maternity leaves.
She told me she reads my posts and loves them and asked if i had a literature degree or anything?
I laughed.. And said nah.. I was rubbish at school.
And the truth is…. I’m rubbish at writing.

My spellings are terrible.

My punctuation’s barely ever in the right place.

There, their and they’re bewilder me at the best of times.

At one point I even had an amazing friend editing all my work for me!

But as rubbish as my writing is… I LOVE IT!
Writing is my favorite thing.
It makes me SO happy!
I’ve written AND illustrated my own book. Guess what? It has spelling mistakes and the illustrations look no better than a primary school childs… So why did i do it?
Because i enjoyed it..because i wanted too.. Because fuck what society bloody thinks. .

We’ve been conditioned into thinking we should only do and enjoy the things we’re good at.. And I’m here to tell you thats a big load of BILLY BULLSHITE! Do the things you love often.

I don’t care if you sound like a cat under a car wheel, sing if you love too.
Practice instruments. Run even though you’re slow.
Dance with two left feet.

It just doesn’t matter… Because if you love it you should definitely DO IT!!