This account was always here for me to tell the truth about motherhood and I’ve moved away from it recently but feel it’s right to share my day.. If you can relate, feel free to vent it out in the comments, this is a safe space.

Today has been the type of day where I’ve been ready to pop my darling little crotch goblins (children for those of you not familiar with the term) in the bin.

The 18month is completely malfunctioning, it’s like she’s totally out of routine. I mean she doesn’t sleep at the best of times but now – NOW we’re not sleeping AND we’re screaming for the majority of the night (I’m blaming teething but the truth is she might just be being a bit of a dick who knows). .- the new neighbours must be SO thrilled.

On top of our all nighter child, we’ve got mr Oscar, four years old and seems to think i’m his personal butler; and that the words “MOMMY CRISPS!” is a full sentence to be barked at me whenever he pleases, because hes still hungry cos he ate sod all of the meal i cooked him.

The house? Looks like we’ve been ransacked.
The washing pile? Now more like washing mountain.

It’s trivial isn’t it? It’s a bad day.I know thats all it is. I know I’ve been through so much worse. And that what I’m going through is nothing at all, I’m not going through anything.. This IS MOTHERHOOD. Yet my world feels all abit… crumbly.
I think when you’ve been desperate for a shower and just ONE MINUTE to yourself since the crack of dawn and you don’t even get it when it’s dark outside. It feels bad, pretty damn bad.

Here’s to hoping tomorrows better,
And if anyone knows how to factory reset the baby…. Lemme know.