Miracles do happen, and its something I’ve been lucky enough to experience so now i believe. But watching them happen over and over again is something that makes my heart sing.

My fertility journey was rough, heartbreaking, emotional ,and long winded.
I got my happily ever after with my gorgeous babies who annihilated my lady garden on their way into the world. But they’re here and forever i will be thankful for my miracles. (although a little sleep would be nice, but i won’t ask for too much eh?)

But with my journey, i extended – when i wrote my blogs, when i told my stories about heartbreak and miscarriages.

With every word i wrote i brought people in on their journeys. I met people at the beginning of their journeys.i got messages at the hardest parts. And was listening when it was clear they were giving up.In fact it’s what spurred my fundraiser on.

I’ve always been honest and shared everything I’ve learnt across the years i spent researching, infertility and miscarriages and i can only hope to help as many people that come to me. I’m no expert but I’ll happily tell you anything i do know if i think it’ll help you in any way.

This week I’ve been lucky to see SO MANY of those journeys flourish, this week alone there’s been around 4 pregnancy announcements that at one point i wondered would there ever be, and i know they wondered it too.

On top of that three messages about new pregnancies that look to be good.

HONESTLY i can’t tell you that i have ridden the waves amongst these peoples journeys, sometimes silently and sometimes as loud as i could.
I have been a silent cheerleader for many but this week i truly do believe in miracles as the announcements and messages just keep on flowing in.

I only hope and wish that you ladies who share your journeys with me, either personally, over message, in a group – i hope you realise that I’m so truly invested in your miracle endings and I’m so SO happy that you’ve finally got there.

Long may they continue 🎈🙏