It’s 24/7
It doesn’t matter if you’re poorly, exhausted or have had the day from hell.

Parenting doesn’t have a break, you can be at breaking point and your children get a sickness bug and Blam… No rest for you.

It doesn’t matter if its your anniversary dinner or your once in a lifetime trip.
If the babies sick, the baby is sick.
If your toddler wants mama, then mamas gonna be there.

It doesn’t matter if you have a job you just need to do.
Or something really quick to pop too..

Cos being a mom comes first, and that’s the unforgiving part of parenting, that when you’re on your knees and can’t give any more you still have too.

Parenting is hard. Being a mama is hard.
And we’re conditioned when we’re thrown into this right after their birth, usually hours of pure effort and pain, sometimes trauma, sleep deprived and thats when we’re handed our little human.. At one of the hardest most pinnacle points of our life..

We are so amazing but.. Wow its hard isn’t it?!