I made it.

Sometimes it’s hard to see how far you’ve come.
For me anyway.

I’m constantly striving for more and more and it’s like I’ve forgotten that I’ve moved so far, so fast.

4 years ago i was writing little stories about my day and someone said, gosh you should totally blog about this.

And i sat and thought… Meh, i suppose i could? And it began!
Just a little personal blog. Around 40 likes, nothing special… Just somewhere to rant and rave about the ridiculousness that came with my day to day life as a mother. LIKE BEING SHIT ON IN GREGGS.

4years later, 12 thousand followers and posts that have reached just under 10 MILLION people.

Liasing with famous journalists and even managing to have small appearances in the media.

And now of course, something i never thought I’d achieve, my own little book!

AND STILL i sit and think, man I’m just going nowhere.. Nowhere at all.
It’s easy to lose sight when your constantly moving, to think you’re never gonna make it.

But the truth is, I’d made it the second i started writing, because i enjoyed it. And thats what matters.

I’d made it when my words helped other people in their times of need,when they needed to know that they weren’t the only one who didn’t get changed all day or manage to do housework.

I made it when people bought my book and had it signed because THEY BELIEVE that I’m worth something.

I’ve made it. I just never knew.

Published by The Dempsey diaries

Just a mother, telling you of my shit stories, trying too hard to make you laugh.

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